Portal Dimension, The: Bizarre Huntseeker Bastdre Studio 2019

Early Access Release This is a fast-paced 2D scrolling action game. The variety of mysterious dimensional armies has released several bizarre creatures to attack the innocence from various worlds. The bunch of people, who suffered by those creatures have formed an investigation team to deal with the current situation ( Just to get rid off them anyway). You can select one of the characters from the investigation team and start searching throughout the mysterious dimensional armies ( Just to get rid off them anyway). Every character has their own abilities, the way of attack, the sub-weapons and its retinue, etc to raise the excitement of playing. The selection of numerous game modes. Rogue-lite Mode - Fighting through the stages/worlds randomly! You can experience the uncertainty for the incoming unknown stages in order to have some opportunity in meeting some surprises. Classic Mode - It is a typical classic stages/worlds, which the bizarre creatures and armies are there for you. Challenge Mode - It is for the advanced players. The stages/worlds will not be easy at all ... but just to get rid off them anyway. Special Mode will appear in some of the worlds for you to explore. Classic Mode, Challenge Mode, Special Mode score system and saving function are still developing, haven't released yet, but coming soon. The story continues while the progress of the investigation team is moving on... Is the investigation team really focusing on the investigation? Are they looking for something in the dimension? What do those mysterious armies want? The bizarre creatures seem can speak our languages...and they are trying to tell us something? Our stage opened Rogue-lite for now only, and it does not contain stories.
Download: None currently available

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