Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting Skydash studio 2019

Multi scrolling mode - Seamlessly switching between horizontal, vertical and 3d shooter. No story narration. Just move around and shoot for fun. Miscellaneous game play features. Konpaku Youmu is the only one playable character. There are 3 stages. Stage 1, Stage 2 and Extra Stage. Player do not need to clear a game to unlock extra stage. 3 difficulties. Easy, Normal and Hard. Screen resolution setting. 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360. Choose which ever fit for your machine. The game has better performance with a lower resolution. Unlimited continue. When player dies, player can continue at check point or restart a whole stage. If player use continue, the remaining hp is set to small amount. No deduct score when player use continue. No pick up items. Youmu can recover Hp and Mp by herself. Kill enemies consecutively to get more chain bonus. No Luck base. All enemies and bullets behavior are not random. They have some algorithm behind them.
Download: None currently available

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