Jigu Guchul Jakjeon / Dino [K] Incom 1993

Rare exclusive South Korean shooter in perspective "side view" and with a small platform element. The plot is nowhere to be explained, but the point is that a boy with a machine gun - our protagonist - exterminates hordes of upright dinosaurs of different species growing about from him (perhaps, in fact, these are some dinosaur-like aliens from outer space). The game is divided into episodes, each of which in turn consists of several levels, always limited to a single screen. Moreover: these stages (within the "stage") are almost identical to each other, and any subsequent one is essentially the previous one with the addition of some new "constructive elements" (for example, the abyss - and not at all fatal: having landed there, the hero immediately arises safe and sound in the upper part of space). On the screen, where there are several platforms at different heights, a boy appears and a certain number of those or other above-mentioned enemies appear: first they are only “Velociraptors”, then biped “Triceratops” are added to them; they are not capable of remote attacks and move randomly, not trying to purposefully attack the hero). To go to the next stage, you need to kill all the opponents in the current one. The quantity of ammunition in the machine is infinite; various objects constantly fall out of defeated enemies, but they seem to be needed exclusively to increase the score. There is no time limit (although there is a bonus in the form of the word "Time"). Our alter ego has a health reserve of four units (the number denoting it is displayed in the upper left corner next to the word " Player ") and shrinking by" division "at every contact with opponents; apparently, it is impossible to make up for it. There are several" Lives ", but their number, alas, is not shown anywhere; in case of death, the character instantly reborn at the same level and with a full supply of health, and his achievements in the form of destroyed enemies are preserved.Each episode ends with a battle with the boss - surprisingly, there is nothing complicated in them (the first - a huge triceratops - in general it’s enough not to let yourself in, “pouring” bursts from the machine gun ; true health reserve "g lavars "is not shown anywhere.) Subsequently, the process becomes somewhat more complicated, in particular, new opponents appear in the second" stage ", including tyrannosaurs with boxing gloves.
Korean Full Demo 325kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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