Biolab Wars Kolibri Game Studio 2019

An alien lab experimenting on Earth? It's time to call the mercenary team on duty to sweep the invaders by firing, beating and bombing. Inspired by the 8-bit games and by the movies from the 80's, your goal is to blow things up, defeat aliens and fight bizarre bosses in this platformer 2D with classic mechanics. Finn, the bodybuilder, former Marine, former grill man and former television technician; Becca, the deadliest and toughest girl on the planet; Teddy, the armored dog (that's what you read), who suffered experiments in this alien lab and now wants revenge, or just find its owner. Features: Classic 2D platformer mechanics; 8-bits graphics and sounds; 3 playable characters; 4 weapon types for you to pierce the enemies; Blow up the enemies with your frag grenade; 7 stages with 3 levels each; Epic Boss Fights. Count on the help of power-ups, grenades and companions. But don't forget: you are the one man's army. HURRAH!
Download: None currently available

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