Crusaders Of Space: Open Range Adept Studios / Alawar Entertainment Inc. 2004

This sequel is a single person, shareware, space shooter of the fixed screen variety. In the earlier game, Crusaders Of Space , Earth had been attacked by aliens and a lone hero battled through their base and destroyed the controlling Master Brain. This game is set five years after that event and Earth's satellites have detected a swarm of alien attack craft headed our way together with something much larger that is undoubtedly the Big Brain. It's time for another hero to step forward. The game consists of two missions/episodes each of which contains five ten-level missions that can be played on three difficulty settings. As the player progresses the opposing enemy ships become progressively more numerous and harder to defeat. The player has only one life with which to play this game and achieve a high score. However as they progress they can collect weapon power ups and shields and when they take damage instead of dying instantly their ship loses one of its power ups. In each mission the last level, level ten, is special in that missiles cannot be used. Some of these levels have an end of level boss while others have an extra hard combination of enemy ships. The left side panel has been changed since the first game. It now includes a status bar that shows how long the invulnerability power-up will last, and a representation of the pilot's head which makes sense as the game now features his witty comments as power-ups are collected. The game also sends messages to the player's laptop, accessed via the F1 key, which show the kind of enemy they're dealing with and how many points each is worth. The final major change in the game is the way destroyed alien craft fling out lumps of high-speed shrapnel that are capable of doing serious damage. There is in-game music, a high score table, and the game can be played via the mouse, keyboard, or joystick. There is a separate game setup program that configures the game, using this the player can alter the default action keys.
Full Demo 14MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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