Die Hard: Improved Edition 2002

Designed for HARD difficulty gameplay. Most changes made for more fun gunplay. Recoil animation now very low. Shooting spread same (vanilla) - but no more shaking crosshair all around. Recoil animation almost non existing for auto-weapons and low as possible (no more crosshair "dancing" around, just slightly left-right). But bullets shooting spread same (vanilla). All bullets connects while shooting (how it should be). Bullets range fixed (x3), all bullets connects - and same shooting spread (vanilla). In game was set how many bullets from magazine connects and how many like "empty" shots. Bullets range was set too short. So basically some fired bullets like "empty" and even "good" bullets has short range. So how it was.. shooting to longer distance bullets disappears without reaching target cause that short range, shooting at closer range, some bullets connects, some of them "empty" shots. Enemies reacting to damage. Dead bodies not disappearing anymore (most of them). No infinite re-spawning enemies. Enemies "speed running" un-natural speed fixed to normal speed. Boss enemies unchanged. Difficulties balanced a bit. Enemies AI behaviour unchanged. Boss enemies unchanged. While playing you can give suggestions what overall changes and difficulty balance changes maybe needed. REQUIREMENTS: Game patched to v1.04. INSTALLATION: Move "Nakatomi.rez" file from .rar archive to game directory and overwrite.
Download v1.1.0 Beta 205MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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