1001 Hugs Aigul Aubanova 2019

This is a low poly 3D game for kids and adults who are young at heart. The player has a limited time to catch and hug children to get access to the next level. All the while the player is challenged by mischievous kids. It is a third person game where the avatar is a boy or a girl searching to hug younger children wearing certain colored helmets. Once the four of them are found the portal to the next level opens. In the meantime the player hugs other kids to increase the hug score. There are two types of kids: those who randomly run from door to door and those with water balloon pistols who are determined to slow the player down. But the player has a means to change the mischievous behavior. There are only 5 levels at this time with plans to massively expand. We expect to receive feedback for our Beta version to determine which direction to take the game. One of our plans is to engage users in the development of level design. We already have 4 rooms that were designed by our team members.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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