Swamp Hunt PSR Outdoors 2007

This is a first-person hunting simulation game in which players shoot deer, turkeys, and geese in their natural habitat. Players use realistic shotguns and rifles to kill the animals that fall to the ground when shot. Players are assigned scores based on antler size, spur length, etc. It continues the PSR Outdoors tradition of high realism and graphics. Hunt whitetail deer in the fields and high ground areas of a large fresh water swamp located somewhere in Virginia. In those same fields you can also challenge yourself with Canada goose hunting from ground blinds. Also, experience rio grande spring gobbler hunting at it's finest. And it's alright if you just want to shoot, there are two sporting clays shooting areas on the property as well. And remember, Swamp Hunt has full sound recognition capabilities for deer, turkeys, and geese
included in Ultimate Sportsman Collection - DVD ISO Demo 837MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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