Misfire Noodle Games 2019

This is a Casual PvP Platformer Shooter. Fly around with a jetpack, pick up all sorts of ridiculous weapons, try not to fall to your death, and shoot your opponents before they shoot you. Battle it out in either a 1v1 Duel mode or a 3-4 player Free For All. With varied maps, guns, and plenty of customization options, this will waste a bunch of your time when you could either be outside or reading a book. This is designed to be played with friends. Since the game uses a player-as-the-server model, your connection quality is directly related to your geographical distance to the host. Sounds technical I know, but all that boils down to is that you're guaranteed to have a better experience by playing with friends that are in the same region. Certain limitations come with being a solo dev releasing a game for free, but I'm making the best of what I got. This is the project of a single person. Features: A Bunch Of Guns That Don't Shoot Straight; Level Progression and In-Game Currency; Character Customization; Large Level Variety; Training Mode; In-Game Stats; Sub-Par Music; Power Ups.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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