Star Gods JOP Studios 2019

Join Jane as she journeys through the cosmos to unravel the truth behind the existence of the Star Gods and the mysterious disappearance of her soul mate, Izil. Battle through 7 action packed levels of old school arcade goodness featuring a rockin' soundtrack by the legendary Wingless Seraph and brand new unreleased single titled The Edge of Nothing by the up and coming band, Phoenix Rising. This takes it's inspirations from greats of the past like Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and the Gradius series. Features: Near Miss power up system. Build your power by narrowly avoiding enemy fire; Unlockable ships each with their own unique abilities; Over 20 dangerous enemies ranging from destructive battle cruisers, to souls of the damned; Big bad boss battles; Dialogue driven story with full voice acting for each character; Pulse pounding soundtrack with music by Wingless Seraph, Savfk- Music, TeknoAXE and Phoenix Rising.
Download: None currently available

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