Annie: Last Hope Pixel Rice 2019

Early Access Release This is a HD Voxel top-down shooting game. Bringing a brand new adventure to players by smooth battle experience, new bosses and challenging level design.Countless zombies, bloodthirsty boss, dark side of humanity and conspiracies are all leading Annie into a deep abyss.Love, betrayal, humanity and rule, conspiracy and choice in apocalypse, all waiting for you to reveal. Features: Special art style created by HD Voxel; Exciting shooting with great control; Interesting boss design; Challenging levels experience; Simple but rich plot; Plot-matching music design. Early Access Content: Full plots of the first two chapters (3 chapters in total); Challenging levels and well-designed boss fights; Huge varieties of weapons with great control; 20+Exceptional monsters; 10+original sound tracks with high quality sound effects.
Download: None currently available

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