GearStorm Iron City Games 2019

Early Access Release The Phage, a deadly nano-virus, is decimating the human population – so humanity has set out to find a new home by colonizing a hostile alien planet. Dive into a militarized sci-fi sandbox game featuring a massive, open, procedural – and entirely destructible world. Work together and compete with other players to fortify your positions and ensure humanity’s survival. In the year 2185, the human race is in its death throes. Earth itself is a desolate waste – ravaged by decades of war far more malignant and savage than any before. The final straw comes in the form of the Phage – a virulent genetically-engineered biological weapon that weaponizes the infected into rageful bio-mechanical horrors. The unstoppable Phage spreads like wildfire through man and beast alike. With no way to undo what was done, the remnants of humankind retreat into bunkers, walled cities, and fortresses. Every single human falls victim to the Phage. Earth was all but lost until a glimmer of hope appeared. NASA’s space telescope TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) had been in operation for nearly a century and discovered an extremely unlikely habitable extraterrestrial world. These probes reported amazing findings dozens of light-years away on Apollyon – a small Earth-like planet with isolated continents in a large ocean. These islands showed signs of ecosystems, flora, and fauna. The mad rush to escape this hellish Earth led to tragic mishaps and loss. Previous attempts to send manned generation ships to Apollyon failed – whether due to infighting or mechanical failure. In a final act of desperation, small unmanned probes fitted with advanced bio-printers were launched to seed Apollyon to save the species. These probes were encoded with the DNA and mental recordings of Earth’s finest and cast off toward the planet. You’re one of these ghosts – a fabricant sent to an alien world to renew humanity. Features: Experience intense military sci-fi gameplay in first or third-person POV; Terraform the environment as you see fit; Leave your mark on an entirely destructible open world; Survive using exploration, resource management, and a powerful crafting ecosystem; Build an elaborate base and even manage your own colony; Explore an alien planet and build up your character by completing quests.
Download: None currently available

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