Iridion 3D Shin'en Multimedia, Piko Interactive / Majesco Entertainment 2020

Release Date: Mar This was first an Afterburner-inspired Gameboy Advance launch title in 2001 where a player pilots the SHN fighter through seven pseudo-3D levels. In the distant regions of our galaxy, far beyond the darkest limits of the Orion Nebula, a deadly force has been unleashed on the universe and its heading straight for Earth. Your mission – to travel across light-years of uncharted space, to defend the destiny of mankind. With IRIDION 3D, battle against legions of Iridion star cruisers high above the Earth’s stratosphere and travel half a universe away to the heart of the Iridion Star System, where only you can eliminate the Iridion menace. Get ready to travel forward to a time when the fate of the universe rests in the palm of your hands. Features: Seven enormous stages; Six boss battles in a special 360 view; 5 weapon upgrades to take your battle against the Iridion forces to new heights.
Download: None currently available

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