All Day Dying Paulo Lopes 2019

A challenging game focused on overcoming hard goals by learning the levels and creating your own strategies. You must find how to be flawless by practice, no rpg elements, upgrades or procedural content, its ALL ON YOU from start to finish, no luck or stats involved. As a SCORE ATTACK SHOOTER you will have to chain together kills quickly to stack up your combo meter. Quick and short fast paced levels, so that you can drop in and drop out. Memorization, learning and repetition are a big part of it, you will feel that progress will come from your own knowledge of the game. Features: 5 Difficulty settings; Multiple weapons with special abilities tied to each of them; Varied enemy types so that you have to learn multiple ways of dealing with them; 3 Chapters with an evolving visual style; Score Based Objectives and Level Specific Objectives like escaping a prison or destroying a monument; No procedural content, you are not going to win based on luck; No story, jump straight to GAMEPLAY; Soundtrack with 50 plus songs; cheat codes. Free levels to come latter on after the game is released, including remixed versions of older levels so that they can be replayed with more advanced weapons and enemies.
Download: None currently available

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