Re.poly Hinkfoot Studios 2019

Early Access Release A dark age came upon the people of Aspira. The lord of the volcanic land broke the peace packt and implored a dark war. He swore to wipe out humanity, which he saw as a danger to his peers. He conjured the demon Kalis made all things man-made disappear. Even the human species seemed to be completely disappeared. Only one, the sorcerer Grindun, could escape that. To get humanity back from the dark catches you have to activate the restauration shrines he created and defeat the dark king to free Aspira. Crafting: Create tools for gathering resources; Make equipment that protects you from the attacks of the minions and bosses; Make different workbenches to get new manufacturing capabilities. Economy and Agriculture: Grow plants and let them grow. The yields maximize and do help you to survive; Buy animals from NPCs, breed them and sell their yields [Not yet included]; Cook recipes to serve you. Housing: Build your own home and make it to your liking [limited possibilities]; Decorate your home [Not yet implemented]. Mounts: Receive access to mounts by completing quests [Not yet implemented]; grow up a little dragon to fly into the skies [Not yet implemented]. Pets: Buy pets from NPC's that accompany you [Not yet implemented]; Pets automatically collect items [Not yet implemented]. You can currently play online with up to 4 friends. The difficulty of the bosses adapts to the number of players. So be prepared for an epic battle. Rebuild everything - In Aspira, there are restoration shrines that restore the human habitat and liberate it. By rebuilding and meeting some of the other criteria, you gain access to the Guardian of the Biome. If you defeat the Guardian, you free the biome of the dark presence that torments humanity. Defeat the Dark Lord - Once you've cleared all biomes and done their quests, you gain access to the realm of the Dark King. But beware the volcanic lands are very dangerous. The last boss is one of the biggest challenges.
Download: None currently available

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