Tomb Raider: Tabuho Ruins & Lara's Fury ReveVoodoo 2019

This is a series of free Tomb Raider fangames. Tabuho Ruins (Jun 3) Lara knows for several years that some ruins under the jungle of Tabuho keep a totem. Even if it is guarded by natives, it's cursed and the crops of the locals of more than 300 kilometers around suffer from it. Finally it is available to get hold of it, to get rid of this curse and acquire a piece quite precious for your collection. Lara's Fury (Sep 10) Second chapter where you will explore a forgotten area in Yamagata, where whoever stole the four artifacts hides the second. This level is created with the template of Tiernan Watson for Unity and level design from an old dream.
Free Games Chapters 1+2 336+227MB (uploaded by

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