Shadows of Time GeekZebra 2019

An epic adventure awaits you, a challenging top-down stealth game. Sabotage items, control time around you, sneak behind your enemies to take them by surprise. The game offers you, unique stealth mechanics. Take a direct, brutal approach or avoid combats is up to you. You play as Cassiopeia, a member of the Shadows of time, an organization of peoples dedicated to fixing a timeline broken during the War of time. The silent prestige, one of their research airship was hijacked by the order. You have to board the ship and prevent them from acquiring the time technology developed. You infiltrate the Silent prestige airship to find out what happened. The game offers you many mechanics like sabotage elements, look through door gaps, Explode gasoline barrels... There is no right solution it's up to you to make your own. The Gun: There are 2 ways to use the gun. Close range and high range. In general, it's not very advantageous to fire it, but it could help if something does not go as planned. The close range dagger allows you to take-down enemies quietly. Control Time: Stones of time allow Cassiopeia to control time around her. Each one has its characteristics. Sabotage: Cassiopeia can sabotage various things in the game. This ability can be used to access unreachable areas or take down enemies quietly. Enemies: Each soldier type has its unique mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses. It's up to you to see how you will deal with each one. Environment: Use your surroundings to hide, or to take down your opponents. Find the flaw in the system and no one will ever know you were there. Map editor: You can create your maps with the in-game editor. Once you are done with editing, click play to validate the map. After that just hit export and your map will be available in the extra map section. Everything in the story mode can be accomplished with the editor. Soldiers patrol, custom dialogues, show tutorial.
Download: None currently available

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