Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) - US Army Lite BCKS, TCM Gaming, PEO STRI 2010

This is an official military first person tactical training game. As part of a bold and historic new initiative by the U.S. Army to revolutionize Army Training, it has now released effective 8 Mar 2010 for download by anyone who wants a copy of this game. It's a commercial-off-the-shelf game-based training platform, incorporating a high-fidelity semi-immersive environment and a scenario editor. The unique simulation engine provides extremely realistic semi-immersive environments, with large, dynamic terrain areas, hundreds of simulated military and civilian entities and a range of generic, geo-typical terrain areas. This training game is similar in many ways to the full version of VBS2 which was deployed to over 53 Army installations worldwide last year. As the name implies it is a "lite" version containing many, but not all, of the capabilities of the full version of VBS2. The lite version, which can be played against up to 11 other Soldiers on a network, will allow Soldiers to have their own personal copy of this application which they can train with as well as develop scenarios that are upwardly compatible with the full version of VBS2. Want a copy of VBS2 Lite for you or your unit? U.S. Military personnel and DA Civilians could obtain one at
Free Game 1.87GB (uploaded by

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