Machine Hell Nuclear Games LLC 2005

2041 is the year in which Earth is taken over by a force of alien robots. 2041 will also be the year that mankind reclaims the planet. As an elite solider in a military hovercraft you'll fight your way through fifteen 3D environs blasting the alien machines back into the junk heaps they came from. At your disposal will be three varieties of weapons, plasma shots, rockets, and nuclear bombs. Yeah so you have to nuke the Earth to save her, big deal. Also don't worry about any old human buildings, if they get in the way, blast 'em solider. These will be found in your foes when you blast them. Some enemies will drop health, lives, others will leave bits that you can grab as trophies, i.e. score bonuses.
Full Demo 10MB (uploaded by roioros)
Russian ISO Demo 157MB (uploaded by

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