Biodomes Softdisk Publishing 1991

The action takes place in the distant future, in which the Earth, after a devastating nuclear war, became unusable. By that time, space travel had already been mastered, so finding an exoplanet with conditions suitable for life was not difficult. The player has to control a very strange aircraft (most similar to a strange-shaped airship), which must explore this planet (the study will take nine levels) in order to find places suitable for creating colonies, and building materials for building buildings. But, as it soon becomes clear, another alien race has species on this planet, so our airship will face fierce battles with all kinds of hostile aircraft. Actually, the gameplay has already been described above: the main task is to shoot at enemies and dodge their shots, which is not always easy to do because of the very peculiar flight paths of some opponents. Graphically, the game looks very worthy (even despite its obscure origin) and practically does not concede to the best games of the genre of its time.
Full Demo 211kb (uploaded by

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