Amytric Pulse: Operation Euridike SerygalaCaffeine 2019

Free straight forward action fps with some subdued adventure elements. It was made with FPSC with 9 Levels, some of them might even be good. Custom sound design and voice acting. That homely old janky amateur production quality. The game is kinda blue, its stylistically designed to be this way but might have gone too far in a few places (if you go with the intended look by pressing F12). While in game, you can press F12 to activate reshade. This will tint the game differently, add anti aliasing and a few other neat post processing improvements. It really does mask the fact that it runs in half resolution a bit HOWEVER if you run re-shade: The loading screens will now no longer be visible. This means that you will miss out on the lore put into those. If you wish to read them, you can switch re-shade off when a level is about to end (second autosave in a level) or read them as PNG files packed with the game.
Free Game 562MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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