Horror Hunt Gnaw Games 2019

Inspired by the classic "Prop Hunt", this combines the elements of "hide and seek" and a horror atmosphere. Players are separated into two teams - The Hunted, and Props. After each round the teams are swapped to play the other faction. The prop's job is to prevent the "Hunted" from finding the 4 codes to unlock the door and escape. Props may turn into almost anything from the environment, stealth, melee attack, throwing dagger, as well as night-vision (with changes / more to come). Blend in with your surroundings and wait for the time to strike. Hunt down the opposing team or prevent them from escaping to win the round. The hunted's job is to collect the 4 codes to unlock the one key-padded door to escape and win the round. Equipped with an assault rifle with unlimited ammo, unlimited sprint, glow-sticks, traps, and a flashlight(with changes / more to come). Be on high alert while searching for the yellow pages that contains a piece of the code. Glowsticks will help remember which rooms are clear from codes. Equipped traps will help watch your back from any prop sneaking around in the area. It's networked by a Peer-To-Peer connection. Anyone can create a custom game and anyone may join unless password protected. Party up with your friends or possibly make some new ones.
Download: None currently available

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