Crawlers Bismuth 2016

This is a multiplayer game where 2-4 players battle against each other with bug-like tanks. Equip your tank with the weapons and equipment that best suits your playstyle. In this game two or more players can battle each other with mechanical bug-like robots in a post-war setting. The first part of the game is the building phase. Here each player has a limited amount of cash to spend on weapons. Weapons can be rotated in any direction and placed anywhere on your crawler. A key mechanic is your ability to bind every weapon to any button on your controller. Simply use whatever button to place the weapon and that same button will be the trigger for that (or those) weapon(s). When all players are done buying weapons it's time to duke it out in the street. Weapons can be destroyed, but the goal is to destroy all enemy crawlers. When their cores start fading they are almost done for. We recommend using controllers for the best gaming experience. This game was voted "Best Game Mechanic" at "INDIEJAM Summer Edition" Aug. 2014 for the incredible movement of the Crawlers' legs.
Free Game v1.0.2 57MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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