Ether Loop Moon Lens, Huiyin Studio 2020

This is a hardcore fast-paced bullet hell with roguelike elements. Descend unforgiving depths, encounter challenges, discover dynamic environments and fight ruthless creatures while unveiling the secrets of a mysterious world. Stuck in an endless loop, the only way out is to break the double-edged curse and help Ether escape his fate. In an ever-changing environment, every run feels like it's own story. Collect a multitude of different items, weapons and abilities to create limitless synergies and builds to power your way through. Features: A large variety of unique monsters, each with their own behaviours and patterns; Random encounters: challenges, trap rooms and mysterious scenarios; A multitude of weapons, abilities and items which allows for limitless synergy combos; Take your own approach to intense fights in procedurally generated levels; Compete with other players and your friends through leaderboards.
Download: None currently available

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