Chillin 'N Killin Fishface Game 2017

This is a casual, pretty generic zombie shooting game. This game wasn't made to be anything stunning or innovative, just something you can chill, and kill some zombies. Maybe get on a leaderboard or two while you're at it. There are currently four maps in the game. More will definitely be added on as we go. The maps are: Morgue (A very small, "up-close and personal" map), Dawn (A larger, more open map with room to run around), Gold Rush (an old abandoned gold mine) and finally Shoreline (A map relatively large map placed along the coast of Lake erie). There are currently nine weapons in the game. An M1911 (which you start off with), a M1A1 Thompson, an SKS, an AK74u, an A612 shotgun, an L96A1 sniper rifle, an M4A1, an AK47 and a stick grenade. You can acquire each weapon by earning money from killing zambies, and buying it. Each weapon has its own price, corresponding with how effective it is at killing the undead. Current Features: Zombie Wave Survival; 9 Weapons; 4 Maps; Money System; In-Game Shop; Full GameJolt API; Guest login; 15 Unlockable trophies; Ranked Scoreboard for Waves and Kills; End of Round Stats; Boss on Wave 25. Planned Features: Sandbox Mode; More Weapons; More Maps; Multiplayer?; More Zombie Types; Ranked Scoreboard for Headshots; Others.
Free Game v0.3.2 1GB (uploaded by Gamejolt)

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