Visitation Steve Horsfall 2003

The Sirius Family Alienson in Visitation is a 3D puzzle / FPS with 6 aliens lost on a hostile planet. The family Alienson is stranded on a planet with lots of aggressive spiders. It's your task to bring all family members together and to escape the planet. You start as the father, Zak. Explore the land and search for your son Stan. To do that you have to push a boulder into the river (to create a bridge). First you need to collect a bit energy to push boulders. You can find these here and there as white boxes with a red cross on it. Watch out for the lava tiles (purple/yellow ground tiles). Zak and his wife can stay on these tiles, but they will lose all their energy needed for pushing boulders (with boulders you can create bridges over water or even over lava). After finding Stan, you can play with that character as well. Stan will find his mother Myra very soon. She will find her daughter Esmeralda and so on. Every member has a different attribute: 1. Zak can walk on lava; 2. Myra (his wife) can also walk on lava; 3. Esmeralda can walk on very small passages; 4. Jack has a powerful weapon; 5. Mary can walk over water; 6. Stan can walk under the brown trees.
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