Soil The True Blue enterbrain 2004

This horizontal shooter has: a vessel, six levels, a quantity of pellets, two frontal shots, one deployed, the other more direct. Your hunter also has two diagonal shots, independent of your frontal shot. The vulcan is upgradable thanks to power-up items dropped by a certain type of enemy. The game is after all very classic and becomes more and more "manic" as you progress: here it is clearly a question of precise and tight navigation in deployed patterns but with a moderate pace. The themes take up the clichés of the genre, a spatial odyssey in enemy lines, with boss and sub-boss. Graphically it is clear but fairly average, the care given to the sprites is quite uneven, the backgrounds are relatively uniform, but once again it is the speed of the grip which makes this program ultimately quite engaging. The BGM opt for a “vaporous and futuristic” register which is not bad in absolute terms but which has the drawback of quickly turning into a boring one. But it's still very acceptable, a little leniency does not hurt sometimes. The only (big) flaw in this program is the difficulty management. The first three levels happen with depressing ease, it becomes interesting then ... But when you reach the last level it is apocalyptic, some passages are real concentrates of big pink balls, gathered in ultra compact packages, and there to go ... Good luck.
Free Game 3.6MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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