Pentasma Hijong Park / PsychoFlux Entertainment 2020

This is a side-scrolling arcade shooter inspired by Williams Electronics' 1981 classic 'Defender'. Protect The terraforming Humanoids from the deadly Aliens and raid the Alien planets to keep the galaxy peaceful. In The year 2846, The earth has become completely inhabitable and Few survived people went to space. With the advanced robot technonogy, Humans created Terraforming Humanoids to produce the planets that can support human life. Unfortunately, The aliens who were also looking for their new planet started to attack Humanoids and robbed the planets or completely destroyed them. To deal with it, Humans created Pentasma - The plasma-powered space jet armed with Deadly lasers, smartbombs, and also tractor beams to protect the Terraforming Humanoids. Features: Defence-shooting hybrid action in a seamlessly wrapped area; Procedurally generated planets and attack waves; 33 various enemies to fight; 3 different ships and 6 special abillities; 30 achievements; 5 game modes and online scoreboards; Highscore progress display keeps you encouraged to achieve the highest score.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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