Blood-Over 9th Night 2006

When fighting demons, Shou, the female demon hunter encounter the Grim Reaper who steals her soul. Now the lust for demon blood is slowly taking over her soul, therefore, Shou and Akari must find the Grim Reaper once again in order to regain her humanity. This is a two dimensional - with 3D rendered background - action game released at Comiket 70, 2006. The player have a kick and fire button where special combos or moves can be executed by combining these button. Special attacks are done using up the blood meter which player can use at will once Shou has enough blood. Unlike any other game in general, Blood-over- features dynamic difficulty, meaning that the next stage will become harder if player manage to string a huge overkill combo and not lose any lives. The game ending also influenced by the difficulty level, which makes playing game once will not be enough.
Full Demo 142MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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