SOI’s Singleplayer Adventure 2004

This is a complete overhaul of the original Halo CE campaign, which provides updated graphics and new features. Every single aspect of the original campaign has been changed: characters, vehicles, weapons, even the BSP shaders and the musics. Other than aestethics, you will find also a wide range of weapons, each one with its unique functions. Assault Rifle has an attached grenade launcher (which acts like the Pro-Pipe from Reach), Rocket Launcher has an overcharged mode that fires faster rockets, Needler now is a burst-fire weapon, and so on. Vehicles have been improved as well, and same goes for the encounters and the actor_variants. You will also find some completely custom tags, new vehicles, new enemies and additional missions. You will also find new interesting hard-coded/tagged features, like vehicle boarding, three grenades, equipments and more.
Download v2 1.47GB (uploaded by Halo CE3)

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