Grimm 1865 ITD Collective 2020

You play has Hebert Grimm For the last nine years, You've been studying abroad. You return home six month ago, and found out that you're father died over six years ago. Apparently, the letter had never been delivered, or so they say. According to the letter, you're father left you a "very special" heirloom back at his old estate. You haven't been there in so long. You enter inside the mansion to search the artefact but a ghost is trying to stop you from getting it. This game is a short experience (5-10min) first person shooter with a short story. The theme of the game is horror action in a Victorian mansion. Attention!!! This game has only one level. This game is a school project created in 3 months by a team of 4 students. This game will also be used as a tool for us to get better, so there may be new levels added by certain members of the team to show their progress.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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