Canopia Graphitx 2004

This is only a simple Shoot'em'up over an infinite landscape for now, but imagine... It's a rich asteroid with full-grown life everywhere. Human being has grown in peace with nature and magic. But strange news come from the south, some changes start to appear in the ecosystem. As a botanist, you'll try to get there to understand the problem. As you travel, the landscape is getting full of explosive plants, and agressive animals. On your journey, you start to discover the existence of an ancient technology-orientated society. You will find multiple artefacts and temples. Soon you will need to find other sidekicks to help you advance in the game because you are not strong enough to fight , and not able to understand those strange machinery from ancient times... but don't worry - Canopia's taverns are full of other adventurers offering their help.
Free Game 2.6MB (uploaded by

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