Lost Ship V4 Staff32003 Production 2009

This is game without frills, direct and cursed, perhaps technically questionable but with some qualities that elevate it from the limbo of the games that go unnoticed. Vertical scrolling is smooth and fast, our ship will be controlled by the mouse or a pad. Pressing the left button we will launch waves of fire against the enemies but we will not be able to count on the help of any secondary weapon. Collecting the power-ups will therefore be necessary to be able to withstand the frenetic action imposed by this game. In fact, we will be fired at neutral speed in the fray, we will slide on backdrops of extreme beauty: organic and hypnotic, with dazzling and vivid colors. It will be rather difficult to survive for long in a hell that shows itself to be wonderful but which is also able to absorb the lives available to us in a flapping of wings.
Free Game 13MB (uploaded by Izzy Games)

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