Nibiru: Prologue FS Studio 2020

This is a demo version of Nibiru, that is a cooperative survival game with an exciting 4-player storyline. It was created to familiarize with the general concept of the game and designed for several hours of gameplay. This current demo version ain’t got saving mode and joint game. The fall of the spacecraft is only the beginning. Seven astronauts survived the crash. The purpose of the expedition – exploration of the planet, data collection and survival. Wander around - Uncover the mystery of the death of the colony, in a colorful and bright open world, an area of 38 square kilometers, full of different living creatures and anomalous monsters. Survive - Challenge the new lands and explore the uncharted corners of the planet Nibiru in this at the same time beautiful and ruthless world. The night is full of danger, merciless monsters and сreepy screams. Stock up the ammunition during the day, because the night will be long. Create and improve - Collect everything on your way to create the tools that will help you to survive: weapons, armor and tools for resource extraction. Improve the skills of survival in your shelter, adjusting them to your style of survival. Hunt or run away - Let this world see what you are capable of. However, remember: you are always surrounded by the monsters of a pure evil, which is far more dangerous than a beast or any weapon that you have. Show your abilities in a world that covered by monsters, deadly phenomena and incredible beauty, which is goes by attraction for new inhabitants. All this and even more awaits you in Nibiru, which will receive constant improvements and additions.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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