Disruption Outnumbered Games 2020

Early Access Release Date: Oct This is a third-person fight for the future of humanity set in the near future, quasi-dystopian world where robots, driven by the global corporate imperative for cheap and obedient labor, are displacing humans at all levels of the workforce. Social components from privacy, intimacy, and employment are all in states of disruption. The human fighting forces themselves are facing obsolescence. In the meantime, one multinational technology corporation has insidiously developed, manufactured and deployed a weaponized humanoid (robotic) corpo-military fighting force. Having recently achieved force size critical mass, their march for world domination commences. Their plan - lower the high cost of humanity maintenance via the methodical elimination of most humans, thus concentrating the world's wealth amongst the survivors. Who can stop them? Forces United are a diverse team of international fighters bound together to fight against the humanoid forces of Arise Robotics the evil high-tech, multinational corporation marching towards geopolitical domination. As part of the Forces United fighting team, your initial objective is to survive the seedy underbelly of the LED District of the city of Nutropolis for a rendezvous with a renegade Arise Robotics developer who possesses encryption keys of the NNOS (Neo-Neural Operating System) that controls the Arise Robotics force. Hacking the NNOS may be the the only way to defeat them. Survive Nutropolis and you will move on even harsher environments engaging in more intense battles with some seriously weird and deadly machines. And toys from your nightmares.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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