Legacy of the Yods / Open Outcast Eternal Outcasts 2017

Early Access Release In a beautiful start to an adventure, Legacy of the Yods (formerly known as Open Outcast), brings you into the world of Adelpha as imagined by a group of dedicated fans. As an effort started in 2003 as a Crysis Wars mod, "Eternal Outcasts" passionate developers and a lot of them, future game developers have been working through multiple iterations of the game. This release is a culmination for the project and a milestone for many of us. This standalone 3rd-person action adventure will allow you to take a tour in the world of Adelpha. One last thing. Just don't expect the locals to be of any help. Well, they will be helpful - at least that's what they will think. This is a game made by fans, in their spare time and will be released free of charge with permission of the original IP owners. The release ships with the following features: "Normal" and "Classic" way of playing; Fully voiced cast of characters; Beautiful, cinematic and dynamically adjusted soundtrack; Two locations for you to sight-see; Combat... and limited AI - that still needs some work; A modernized quest system; Environments which take full advantage of DirectX 11 features; Support for your Gamepad Controllers.
Technical Demo (Build 776) 954MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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