Worlds Curious Planet 2011

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar/2016 Worlds is an independent French video game that combines action, adventure and infiltration. The game is set in a world with many worlds, each governed by their rules. The player controls a character Reyk who works for an organization to maintain order between the different worlds. The character resembles Bart Simpson mixed with Rayman and the first world is in a grey scale cel-shaded look. Other worlds look different. The game offers a lot of liberty, and you'll find out that there's often more than one way to finish your mission. Features: a deep and intricate story, with plenty of surprises and odd characters; 8 amazing worlds, with their own backgrounds and atmospheres; lots of possibilities - stealth, action, RPG... You choose the way you want to accomplish your objectives; witness the consequences of your actions when coming back on a world; tons of weapons, equipment and powers including grenades, medpaks, X-RAY Goggles, Analyzer, teleportation power, stop-time power.
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3-Level Demo 506MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo 799MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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