Sabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea Eagle Interactive / Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. 1997

Sabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea is an air and ground-attack combat flight simulation game which takes place in the skies above Korea. The Korean War was fought between the Soviet Union and the United States using North & South Koreans and free world troops, using the country of Korea as a battleground. Choose to be a pilot for the USA in American aircraft, or on the side of the Koreans in Russian planes. There are four modes of play: Go Fly, Training, Campaign, and Custom Flight. The planes and the scenarios were designed to be as realistic and historically accurate as possible. Multiplayer over LAN, serial, modem, and TCP/IP networked play is included for up to 8 players.
Clone ISO Demo 301MB (uploaded by
Level Demo 49MB (uploaded by
German No-CD Patch for modern o/s 445kb (uploaded by Tranit)

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