Birds of Prey Argonaut Software Ltd. / Electronic Arts, Inc. 1992

Birds of Prey is a flight simulation set in a fictional battle between the Soviet Union (B-side) and the Nato + allied (A-side). The player can fly up to 40 different planes and also control the whole battle campaign. The player is required to select one side 'A' or 'B' in the conflict, and keep the save game for each pilot on a separate floppy. Each pilot you can fly different missions and aircraft, but only those from your own side. The player character flies from three land bases and two aircraft carriers on each side, and these bases can be damaged in several ways by enemy action, making them unavailable until repaired and reducing the available aircraft in the campaign. Mission types are: air intercept, air superiority, long range bombing, bomber escort, close support and ground attack, border or sea patrol, reconnaissance, troop drop, supply drop, stealth bombing, stealth reconnaissance, test pilot. An autopilot mode is available for longer cruises, if the enemies are far off. The 'test pilot' mission involves flying the X-15/X-29 and is not a part of the campaign.
Full Demo ( @ My Abandonware)
Floppy Image ISO + Scans 3MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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