Cabela's Big Game Hunter Elsinor Media / Head Games Publishing Inc. 1998

This is the first video game to be published in the long-running Big Game Hunter series of animal hunting sport games in conjunction with hunting supply company Cabela's. Hunt big game in 8 different locations in North America including Labrador, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania with 32 specific hunting areas. There's Quick Hunt and Career modes. It features male and female hunters with age range from teenage to mid-60s with unique strengths and weaknesses and you can unlock eight bonus characters. Arsenal includes 9 different weapons such as rifles, shotguns, bows and handguns . Game species include bear, bighorn, caribou, elk, moose, among 16 different big game animals. This game uses real-video of the creatures for the best authenticity. There's even a "hunt challenge editor" to edit your own "missions". Take some practice on the Virtual Target Range and earn money and sponsorships from your wild forays. Features include over 65 hunting accessories and a fully rendered 3D hunting lodge as well as a Hunter Safety Course.

See also: Special Permit Expansion Pack

ISO Demo 482MB (uploaded by Trey)

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