Apocalyptica Extreme FX / Konami 2003

This mediocre game offers battles between mechanised warrior saints and demons. You can choose between 16 lead characters as well as spells, melee weapons and guns. However, the combat element is weak because swordplay is sluggish and limited by too few moves, and ranged warfare frustrates with a showing of fairly ordinary pistols. There are some nice varied missions but your bot teammates don't have good AI. Some missions are simply objective-based, requiring the player to reach the end point of the mission, which may be accessed by using buttons or levers to open gates. Others require the rescue of hostages, and some require holding all of certain points on the map, while others are a fight over a certain object. There are some standard multiplayer modes too. The graphics are good but there's not much else worth playing this unless you were desperate to play a nun with a gun.
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Level Demo 142MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo 1.32GB (upped by Scaryfun)
AlcoholClone 2CD ISO Demo 1.32GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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