Speedboat Attack Criterion Studios, Driver-Inter, Ltd. / Telstar Electronic Studios Ltd. 1997

In this race-and-chase speedboat thriller, your only real goal is to reach the finish line first. If you can't speed past the competing boats, just blast them out of the way. Watch out though, because they'll come back at you their guns blazing, too. Floating mines, enemy commandos, icebergs, islands, and errant spectators will get in your path and slow you down. Be sure to collect extra weapons and health, use the hidden short cuts to confound your opponents, and even call in the helicopter for help along the way. Fast and furious driving is essential, but in this racing shooter you'll also need a good defensive and offensive strategy to obtain ultimate success. Once the player has mastered all of the game's ten courses, he or she can go for the championship against more difficult opponents in harrowing conditions, or take on real human opponents across the Internet in a head-to-head competition. There are five choices of boats to choose from, each with distinct characteristics of maneuvers, plus ten different tracks with varying weather conditions: at night, morning or in dense fog. There's three modes of play: "Arcade," "Championship," and "Time Trial". It has network support for up to six players.
Level Demo 22MB (uploaded by JeuxVideo)
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
ISO Demo 366MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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