Ted Nugent: Wild Hunting Adventure Future Primitive / Electronic Arts 1999

Ted Nugent, the renowned hunter, rock star, and conservationist, invites you to tear it up on a replica of his own private hunting ranch, Sunrize Acres. A game made by hunters for hunters, this takes you back to nature and the spirit of the wild where you'll recapture your calling, hunter or not. "The Nuge" is here to give you hunting advice as you roam in full 3D, allowing you to stalk prey: American Bison, Wild Russian Boar, Whitetail Deer, Bighorn Sheep, the Grizzly Bear, and more. Tips and techniques come through exclusive video clips of Ted on his porch and tractor. As well, audio voiceovers by Ted guide you through the various obstacles, warning you of what you're doing wrong or congratulating you for following the right procedures. Additional information can be accessed through the main menu. When you're ready for the kill, make sure you choose the right weapon for the job: compound Bow, bolt action rifle, shotgun, crossbow, or revolver. Before you head out for adventure, get in some good practice with dummies in Ted's Shooting Range, a 3D environment where you learn how and when to shoot your prey. Listen to Ted's advice throughout the entire process. Or, check out the "Teditorials," a polygon wire-frame gallery of each animal's weak spot; learn these areas so you can drop them cleanly, immediately, and humanely. But watch out, the Special Bear Canyon level and realistic animal behavior and AI present a challenge that you'll have to face if you want to admire your kills in your very own personal Trophy Room! There are five levels in your quest for nature's calling, with each level growing in difficulty: Sunrize, Kalamazoo, Whackmaster, Bear Canyon and lastly, Gonzo. Bonuses include original scores including a new remix of Fred Bear.
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ISO Demo 443MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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