WhiteTail Extreme CyberGraham Interactive, Inc. / Valusoft 1999

This is the sequel to the best-selling Whitetail Fever. Welcome to the next generation of PC hunting. It gives you incredible graphics, realistic hunting excitement, and extremely easy load and play features. Don't settle for pop up videos and identical looking forests. Whitetail Extreme has beautiful real photos with life like, 3D rendered animals for the best virtual hunting experience to date. If it's hunting realism you want ... the buck stops here. It has thousands of acres to explore with 19 challenging hunts. A complete hunting inventory includes: Rifle, Bow, Calls, Scents & Clothing. You can hunt deer, turkey and bear and it has a trophy room of 10 buck. There's summer, fall & winter hunts.
ISO Demo 271MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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