FreeSpace Port 1999

This is a user-made FreeSpace 2 port of the main Descent: FreeSpace campaign, created by Goober5000 and GalacticEmperor. The package ports all the mission, ship and weapon data from Descent: FreeSpace to FreeSpace 2 format, thus allowing FreeSpace 2 player to use ships and weapons from Descent: FreeSpace. This project also upgrades several FS1 campaigns like Cardinal Spear and several ship models like the PVI Karnak that, although not present in the main FS1 campaign, are often used in FS1 era custom campaigns. This requires the upgraded game engine FS2_Open Source.
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FreeSpace Open Installer *will download & install FreeSpace Port plus FreeSpace Open & any other mods you choose 6.34MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Download v3.5 & Mission Pack & sparky_hi_fs1 Hi-Res Mode 39.3MB/790kb/103MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Silent Threat: Reborn - Director's Cut Download Core + Voice Pack + Cutscene Pack 1.1+249+230 (uploaded by Hard Light Productions)

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