Bet On Soldier: Blood Of Sahara Kylotonn Entertainment / Frogster Interactive 2006

Max Balding is a mercenary of the WRF and a large fan of the ultimate champion, Nolan Daneworth. In the 3 League, Max has quickly become a feared B.o.S. opponent. He travels around the world and wins one fight after another, until he finally arrives at the goal - the 1 League. There, he strikes a North African base of the VAN, where the embittered fight for important oil resources takes place. Fight for oil resources against a powerful syndicate in this stand-alone expansion for Bet on Soldier. Blood of Sahara will offer 5 levels in North Africa, two multiplayer maps, one multiplayer mode (Team Deathmatch), new models and more.
German/Spanish Level Demo v1.3 567MB (uploaded by ModDB)
DVD ISO Demo 1.56GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
DVD ISO Demo 1.6GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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