Beyond Wolfenstein II Special Edition Dev-N 1999

After the Wolfenstein source code was released, some fans set to work to improve the engine and made this standalone total conversion. The first result was Beyond Wolfenstein. Then Beyond Wolfenstein 2 (Special edition) was done with even more possibilities. The game added a lot of new textures and all levels were fully remodeled. The authors have made a perfect maze, giving you no idea where you are and you err and err again and again. Enemies increased, both in diversity and in number and so it is with weapons. There are more than 4 new weapons including a rocket launcher. Different kinds of ammunition are used. It became possible to have a flamethrower and new opponents among other things. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, as measured in downloads, it caught the attention of id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead, and Nate was asked to pull his "Beyond Wolfenstein" series in 2001 from his site and its mirrors due to copyright infringement. The upcoming release of "Return To Castle Wolfenstein" was believed by many to be another contributing factor in this crackdown. The affected mods were: Beyond Wolfenstein (06/16/99), Beyond Wolfenstein II (07/07/99), and Beyond Wolfenstein II SE (11/30/99).
Free Standalone Game ~2MB (@ Free Game Archive)
Free Standalone Game ~2MB (@ GamesWin)
Free Standalone Game v3.0 ~2MB (@ Plne hry)
included in Wolfenstein 3D Fan-Made Collection 23MB (uploaded by 3Spot)

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