Deadcore (Deadlock) 5 Bits Games / Bandai Namco Games Inc. 2013

Deadlock started as an entry for the ‘7 Days FPS’ challenge: the original idea was to create a FPS mixing Puzzles and Platformers elements where the player would have to climb a gigantic Tower as fast as possible without being kicked down by its security system. The first version of Deadlock (released at the end of the challenge) was developed within 5 days by 5 developers located in several cities in France. Now through successful crowd funding, it's become a full retail game using the Unity engine. The main idea of the game is you must climb as fast as possible a gigantic Tower set in a strange and abstract world almost totally destructed by an unknown cataclysm. On your way to the top, you will have to fight robots guarding the Tower areas, to handle tricky platforming sequences and to solve environment puzzles using your 'Switch Gun', a special weapon allowing you to activatre or deactivate temporarily world elements. The game also features tricky platforming sequences that require you to accurately use double-jumps and air control in order to avoid falling. Chaining jumps while avoiding enemy fire is a situation often experienced in Deadlock! In March/2014, it had to change its name to Deadcore.
Alpha Level Demo 52MB (uploaded by Izzy Games)
ISO Demo 1.88GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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