Colt's Wild West Shootout Encore Software / Contraband Entertainment 1999

Does your trigger finger have the speed and accuracy to earn you a showdown with the big guns? Enter shootouts in old-west locales, like Red River, The Church, Santa Fe Railroad, and a Gold Mine. You'll have a whole range of period-accurate firearms at your disposal ranging from Colt revolvers to shotguns and rifles. Four different difficulty levels let gunslingers of all ages appreciate the detailed action, and complete stats are kept on each of your shootouts. If you're good, you might just earn a match-up with Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Black Bart, and other storybook marksmen. It's basically a shooting gallery with 3D graphics. You move along a preset path, stopping at various intervals to shoot it out with villains who pop up from behind conveniently placed cover. You start the game with three health points, represented by gold sheriff's badges at the bottom of your screen. If you get hit or you hit an innocent bystander, you lose a star. Lose all your stars and the game's over.
ISO Demo 495MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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