BloodRayne Terminal Reality / Majesco 2003

In this violent action horror game you play BloodRayne, a half- human half-vampire, who is trained to hunt supernatural evil. She is out to hunt down an evil Nazi vampire and has gymnastic moves in combat that can even rip off limbs. She can use her wrist blades or firearms like chainguns or bazookas. She can also suck the blood of her enemies which give her additional powers but she is vulnerable to water. The game consists of three acts and starts in Mortton, Louisiana, as Rayne's first mission with the Brimstone Society, along with Mynce, her mentor. They are sent there to investigate an outbreak of an unidentified disease in the area. The story then skips several years ahead. Rayne is sent to infiltrate a Nazi base in Argentina, prevent the G.G.G. from obtaining the mystic artifact known as "the skull of Beliar" and eliminate the organization's head members. Rayne then finds an anonymous letter informing her that a G.G.G. officer in Germany has list of the remaining G.G.G. officers. After obtaining the list, she pursues her targets to Castle Gaustadt, to eradicate the G.G.G. The makers of other scary games like Nocturne and Blair Witch Project are using a really great looking new game engine too with real-time shadow effects, good character animations and spooky outdoor areas as well as cool looking Victorian style houses. The game also has a great bullet-time effect and almost every object in the game is destructible. The story is not as interesting as in some other games but overall it's fun playing and great to look at for horror fans. The game spun off 3 movies made by the infamous director Uwe Boll in 2005, 2007 & 2010.
Level Demo ~168MB ( @ Gamer's Hell)
2CD ISO Demo ~1.2GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
High Quality textures pack, mods and RayneGun tool 1.88GB (uploaded by yamibito)
Good Old Games Version ISO Demo 907MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Good Old Games Digital ISO Demo + Extras 819MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
BloodRayne Comic Books 539MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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